Residential Demolition

truck demolish the house

Demolition work is something that you may require around your home property for a number of reasons. It’s important to realize just what a big undertaking it is, however. Demo work isn’t just something you can leave in the hands of any crew. You need a service that can do the job the right way, so that safety is maintained and you get the right result. Our residential demolition services are here to meet all of your needs. MTP Demolition Co of New Orleans offers both the best results and the best prices.

Residential Demolition

Need any demolition work done around your residential property? Then our experienced and professional service is just what you need. Our range of demolition services are designed to quickly and safely complete all demolition work that’s required around your property. Not only that, with our team able to handle a diverse range of demolition related services, we are the only demo team that you’ll need on site. This can reduce any co-ordination mishaps and ensure all work is completed on time. That’s why we are the very best of the “home demolition companies near me.

House Demo Cost

We understand that the first question you likely have when you’ve decided to demolish your home is “what is the cost to tear down a house?” The price to demolish a house with our service is actually less than you might think. We offer the best residential demo cost around. So, you don’t need to spend big to get this kind of work done. So, why spend more than you have to when our service offers a great house demo cost? To know more about our prices please see our website.

Foundation Demo and Removal

We know that there’s more than meets the eye with any building. As such, we know that the job demolition and clearing your property isn’t yet completed once the actual itself has been removed. There’s also the remaining foundation that you need to consider too. So, if you don’t choose a demo service that knows how to also remove your foundation, that’s a real problem. Luckily, we provide foundation demo and removal as part of our service.


Beyond the actual home structure on your property, our demolition team can also help with a range of other demolition and removal work. This includes fencing demolition or removal. So, this is just one more job that you have can leave in the hands of our capable team. With our service able to handle all such demolition and removal work, you can reduce the need for multiple teams on site, which helps to ensure that the whole process is smoother and completed in a quicker time frame. That’s why there’s no better demo team in the Greater New Orleans area.

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