About Us

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It always has been, and always will be, our aim to help you complete work on your site as quickly as possible. Whether it’s demolition or preparatory site services, we know that if things don’t get done quickly it can really cause you serious delays . And major delays are the last thing you want on any project. With our help, any demo work or even site preparation work that you need done around your residential or commercial property will be completed ASAP. We are also licensed for asbestos testing and removal if your project needs these services.  With our company covering everything from asbestos testing and abatement, demolition and salvage services, site preparation, including land clearing and grading, and both residential demolition and commercial demolition services, including interior demolition in both cases, we’ve got all the services that you need to really get things done around your property. So, why not ensure that your project gets off to the best start?

No matter where you are, we’re the demo team that you need. The demolition and related services that we offer are available in number of locations right throughout the Greater New Orleans area. This includes Slidell, Kenner, LaPlace and selection of other locations. So, if it’s a local GNO demo team you need, we are always the one to call. If you require any additional information about the areas that we service, please get in contact with our team. They will be happy to provide you with further information about our service and service areas.

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